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Anti-Aging Treatments

Dr. Jill Morris has been in private practice for 32 years.  She trained internationally in facial esthetics and taught medical practitioners techniques with botox fillers and cannulas.  Trained with an eye for esthetics, she creates natural facial contours andimproved skin texture to help her patients look younger.  Treatment techniques include Yag Lasers, Botox, Fillers, PDO Thread Lifts and Stem Cell modalities.

Botox and Fillers

Botox and Fillers

As a dentist, Dr. Morris understands anatomy and how muscles move to create wrinkles, sags and folds. Botox is used to soften wrinkles and the pull of the muscles.

Filler Use Includes:
  • Global Face Sculpting
  • Cheek Lifts
  • Jowls and Jawline Correction
  • Lip Volume and Shaping
  • Nose, Chin and Neck Corrections
Cosmetic PDO Threads

Cosmetic PDO Threads

Cosmetic PDO threads are placed under the skin causing the natural production of collagen to create volume in sunken areas under the eyes, cheeks and around the mouth. There are also suspensions threads designed to lift sagging skin in the neck, brow, jawline, jowl and folds around the nose and mouth. This creates the look of a natural lift. Texture of the skin improves resulting in a decrease in crepey skin.

Stem Cell

Stem Cell injections jumpstart the growth of collagen like no other rejuvenation process. These cells are mixed with the patients's PRP and placed along with the threads, resulting in collagen regeneration.

The stem cells are retrieved from the umbilical cord of newborn babies that are delivered cesarean section.

YAG Lasers

YAG Lasers reduce the look of fine lines, age spots, spider veins, scars, skin tags, rosacea, hair removal, hair growth, warts, acne and acne scarring. After laser treatment, collagen regeneration continues over the next several months increasing volume in the dermis and improving skin texture. This results in a reduction in fine lines and folds.

ProNox Pain Control

Dr. Morris uses nitrous oxide during her procedures so her patients can relax. Onset of relaxation is immediate with no after-effects so patients can drive home. She also uses cannulas instead of needles to decrease bruising and to reach areas that needles shouldn't go. Cannulas are blunt reeds the deposit filler with less tisseu damage . Dr. Morris numbs areas she is treating for a painless experience so the injections are more comfortable. She also uses the Accuvein Light to locate vascularity, resulting in less bruising.

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