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Non-Surgical Facelifts

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Renew your facial profile to the beauty and youth of decades past, maybe even your 20s! Dr. Morris is fascinated with the relationship between teeth and jaws and the lower third of your face.

By balancing your bite and revitalizing worn teeth, Dr. Morris can eliminate muscle pain, TMJ symptoms, jowls, sagging skin and a collapsed facial appearance. Some qualifying features for non-surgical facelifts by our Sarasota dentist are: worn teeth, sagging skin, facial jowls, teeth that have become more crooked, and jaws that have never been properly aligned.

“I’ve seen my patients’ lives change dramatically after aesthetic dentistry,” Dr. Morris explains. “They gain renewed confidence and a freedom to smile again. Many are free from head and neck pain for the first time in years. It’s amazing how much better the quality of life is for a person who has experienced what the forefront of dentistry has to offer.”

Defined cheekbones often distinguish the facial structure of fashion models or actors. A properly defined chin is also important for achieving ideal facial proportions, youthful skin, a rejuvenated bite, and more. By focusing on teeth and jaws, Dr. Morris delivers Sarasota facelifts with non-surgical results, which can undo the effects of aging and gravity on sagging skin. Our dental restorations are strikingly beautiful as well as extremely natural in appearance.

Turn back the clock on your face, teeth, and jaws, with a non-surgical facelift in Sarasota that:

  • Uses computer analysis for the most precise treatment planning
  • Offers natural beauty, based on your ideal facial proportions
  • Is based on the latest dental technology
  • Provides pain relief and comfort
  • Is performed by a qualified, world-renowned dental expert, Dr. Morris
  • Will simply amaze you!

Call World Class Dentistry and Facial Esthetics® to learn if you are a candidate for a life-changing non-surgical facelift in Sarasota!

Before & After Cases

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Screen Shot 2017 03 07 At 4.11.01 PM
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All cases are actual patients of World Class Dentistry®, click to view full size images! 

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