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Gummy Smiles

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Smiling is more enjoyable when teeth and gums have balanced aesthetics. A great smile needs more than healthy teeth – the shapes and sizes of gums have a large effect on the allure of your smile.

If you see overgrown proportions, asymmetry or gums with awkward shapes, Sarasota cosmetic dentist, Dr. Morris can help. Forget painful gum treatments, our high tech dental office has a variety of nearly painless gum treatments, including:

  • Soft tissue laser reshaping (no sutures and no stitches!)
  • Botox
  • Crainial orthopedics (or DNA appliances) to restructure the bite and gums

Discuss your concerns about a gummy smile with Dr. Morris. She is a cosmetic dentist in Sarasota who has a wealth of training, knowledge and experience. Patients of Dr. Morris have experienced increased confidence in their smiles, because of the non-surgical solutions available. For instance, the soft-tissue laser is unmatched in accuracy, comfort and effectiveness. Plus, ideal proportions between teeth and gums may also make ideal oral hygiene easier to maintain.

Your smile is a very personal means of expression. Just like a fine painting, your teeth need a balanced frame. Look forward to first impressions – when others meet you, they’ll notice your friendly smile, without lingering on uneven gum tissue. Call for your consultation today.

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