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Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers

A beautiful smile is impossible to ignore. Dr. Jill Morris uses her keen eye and vast dental training to create a signature smile with every Sarasota veneer makeover. Porcelain veneers and Lumineers® – a prepless, minimally invasive type of veneer – enhance smiles with eye-catching aesthetics.

Dr. Morris delivers function and an attractive appearance with her porcelain veneer makeovers. The porcelain used by Dr. Morris is simply stunning. Veneers cover chips, gaps in teeth, stains, awkwardly positioned teeth and more with a polished, natural look. Get ready to receive compliments on your smile – not your dentistry.

Lab Created Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Morris achieves stunning results with the partnership of her dental laboratory. After more than a decade of working together, Dr. Morris and her laboratory technician have developed communication skills to give her patients exactly what they want. Their communication incorporates every minute detail into each porcelain veneer, all of which are designed for esthetics and to maintain a proper bite. Each smile is customized to the patient’s desires.

For lab-created porcelain veneers, Sarasota dentist Dr. Morris works exclusively with these talented ceramists who are experts in bite correction. Patients benefit from the beautiful aesthetics, along with the longevity and durability of a strong restoration.


Lumineers® offer patients the same cosmetic solutions as lab created veneers, but without tooth reduction. Lumineers® are ultra-thin, meaning they can be directly placed on your teeth, for the most comfortable makeover experience. This way, Dr. Morris can beautifully enhance your smile with a conservative approach for your natural tooth structure.

See our smile gallery – our Sarasota veneers patients absolutely love smiling. Imagine the drastic difference of a confident smile – call us for your veneers consultation today!

Before & After Cases

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All cases are actual patients of World Class Dentistry®, click to view full size images!

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