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Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistry sarasota

Even with the many comfort-enhancing dental tools and amenities at World Class Dentistry and Facial Esthetics®, some patients would rather sleep through their appointment. With sedation dentistry, you nearly can!

To serve a large population of adults who have dental phobia, Dr. Morris offers sedation dentistry in her Sarasota dental practice. Oral conscious sedation is a soothing, effective and safe way to take the anxiety out of your dental work. A comfortable state of relaxation is achieved by taking oral medication–no needles are involved.

Easy Dental Appointments

On the day of your oral conscious sedation procedure, you are still able to walk and communicate; yet any apprehension will be gone. Dr. Morris or Dr. Bakke can then perform your dental work efficiently and with respect for your comfort zone. You will feel as if you slept through the appointment. Afterwards, your healthy, beautiful smile reminds you of how easy sedation dentistry in Sarasota can be!

While oral conscious sedation is extremely successful with the vast majority of our patients, we can also arrange for general anesthesia, if necessary. In this case, an anesthesiologist administers the sedation, so Dr. Morris or Dr. Bakke can focus on the dental work.

No matter what your comfort level or oral health needs may be, World Class Dentistry and Facial Esthetics® has solutions for you. Call us to learn more about sedation dentistry in Sarasota today!

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