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Dental Implant Restoration Choices

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Dr. Burr Bakke can expertly restore your smile and bite with dental implants. He takes rigorous amounts of continuing education to stay on the cutting edge of rapidly evolving dental implant technology.

Whether you are interested in a single dental implant or you need to replace all of your teeth, Dr. Bakke knows how to place and restore implants for an ideal bite. Dental implants by our Sarasota implantologist offer these choices:

The process of getting a dental implant is probably easier than you may imagine. Talk to Dr. Bakke about getting a dental implant in Sarasota. You’ll love the strength, function and beauty that a dental implant can bring to your smile. 


Single Tooth Replacement

A single implant unit and a single crown complete your smile with natural beauty and function.

Multiple Teeth Replacement

To replace several teeth, Dr. Bakke uses single crowns or a bridge on the implant units. A bridge is placed over two dental implant units, with a space in between.

Replacement of All Teeth

A removable appliance or a fixed appliance can restore function when all natural teeth have been lost. Removable Appliance With just a few dental implants per arch, a removable appliance – or denture – is securely held in place. Having the removable appliance secured by dental implants is a cost-effective procedure, which improves fit, function, confidence and patient satisfaction. Fixed Appliance A fixed appliance requires more dental implants per arch than a removable appliance. As such, Sarasota dental implants patients of Dr. Bakke find a fixed appliance not only worthwhile, but a truly remarkable experience, because of these benefits: Appliance stays firmly in place All-porcelain materials look perfectly natural! Feels and looks as close to having all of the natural teeth as possible Appliance never comes out, so you enjoy easy maintenance You look and feel great You’ll love the convenience of a fixed appliance

24 Hour Teeth

In certain cases, patients may be eligible for “24 Hour Teeth” – dental implants that are placed and restored in just one day. How is this possible? Dr. Bakke embraces the latest education and technology for his Sarasota dental implants patients. By using Cat Scan equipment, Dr. Bakke can capture 3D images that allow him to understand the geography of your bone and jaw. Without a Cat Scan, only 2D imagery is available, which makes treatment planning more difficult. Dr. Bakke knows the location of nerves, bones and other minute anatomical details, so he can place the implant in the best location and at the ideal angle. Patients look forward to getting their implant in one easy visit, instead of having months of healing time between the start and finish of their restoration.

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