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  • Anne Lockies before and after

    I could not be more pleased with my treatment and care at World Class Dentistry. The staff made my whole experience so easy and comfortable. This team is astonishing in how they work together. These are really nice people and true professionals. Thanks Dr Morris - I love my smile.

    ~Anne Lockie

  • Lucinda Smith before and after

    After viewing a newspaper insert for Drs. Morris and Bakke, I made an appointment for a consultation. Having teeth that were broken, worn with many old fillings, I knew that the Doctors’ work would help me feel better mentally and physically. Dr Morris and Bakke are passionate, artistic and exacting as to the high standards that they have set. Their Staff is very accommodating, friendly and helpful. My Smile Makeover has been perfect.

    ~Lucinda Smith

  • Gale Wilson before and after

    Remarkable is the best description! I knew the outstanding reputations of Dr. Jill Morris and Dr. Burr Bakke from trusted recommendations, but now I know why. Not only are they extremely skilled in their combined specialties, they are kind, gentle, real people with a long-term, caring, experienced support staff that assists them. They not only realigned my jaw, eliminating the reason for broken bridges, crowns and headaches that I have endured for decades, but Dr. Morris gave me my smile back, while treating me with kindness, comfort, (no pain) and providing her World Class Knowledge in dental treatment utilizing organic options. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

    ~Gale Wilson

  • Dyan Baker before and after

    I was involved in a major car accident 35 years ago and had endured multiple surgeries and oral reconstruction. I moved to Sarasota still trying to find a resolution to my reconstruction but felt my case was too extreme to hope for an improvement. I found World Class Dentistry and Dr. Bakke online and was drawn to the amazing results of his patients. At my consultation, I felt Dr. Bakke had a true concern and dedication in helping me. He gave me 2 options and was meticulous taking pride in his work. His attention to detail went above and beyond my expectations. I now have "me" back and am ecstatic about my security and comfort with my new smile. My life saver is Dr. Burr Bakke and I believe he was there for me just for this reason. I am a blessed woman to have World Class Dentistry, Dr. Burr Bakke and his great staff. Thank you from my "heart".

    ~Dyan Baker

  • Hunter Wilson before and after

    I can't quite put in to words the difference they have made in my son's life. Watching your children grow is the best part of life, however when you know that their confidence and self-esteem is lacking, it is heart wrenching. A friend of mine recommended we have a consult with the doctors at World Class Dentistry and it was the best advice I have taken thus far. They truly cared and it showed, they answered all our questions and even went above and beyond when scheduling to be sure my boy had the best smile before a big event we had. He smiles now, big cheesy smiles all the time, he has so much confidence it radiates. I can never thank them enough. A special thanks to Stacy and Dr. Morris, I will forever be grateful.

    ~Mandy Lynn Pittman

  • Melinda before and after

    I never looked in the mirror and thought I needed dental work. Mysmile looked ok to me and I always had regular dental care. Howeverissues still arose: receeding gums, cross-bite, crooked teeth, old fillings,ill fitting crowns and TMJ. Dr. Bakke and Dr. Morris fixed it all. Theirknowledge is unbelievable and they are so well versed in the latesttechnology. The procedures were painless and I was made completely comfortable at all times. The follow up care was fantastic as well. I nowhave a healthy mouth. And while aesthetics was not my main focus, it isthe most noticeable of all of the changes. I now have a beautiful, perfect smile! Dr. Morris is an artist and her work reflects that. I am still amazedwith all she accomplished.

    ~Melinda Huss

  • Naomi before and after

    I hated smiling for pictures and seeing my tetracycline stained teeth. My teeth were very gray. I had recession and needed my mercury fillings removed safely. Seeing the ads for World Class Dentistry, I contemplated having a smile makeover for over two years. Being scared and nervous to get new veneers, I finally decided to take a chance and make an appointment. Wow, I was surprised when Drs. Jill Morris, Burr Bakke and the entire staff helped me feel comfortable enough to proceed with the process. Melissa was so friendly and helped with all my appointments, payments and gave me so much encouragement. We have a second home at Longboat Key so I had to fly in from Indiana. After researching many dentists, I decided this office was the best. My husband gave me my new smile makeover for my 50th birthday, which made me so happy. I should have done it sooner. Thank you for making me feel beautiful. Now my husband and son are new patients at World Class Dentistry.

    ~Naomi Muselman

  • jim before and after

    From improving subtle details to an extreme smile makeover in Sarasota, Dr. Jill Morris and Dr. Burr Bakke have improved the lives, confidence and happiness of many patients. What can they do for you?

  • anna before and after

    For over 20 years I struggled with my teeth. They were discolored, crooked, and full of fillings that were irritating my gums causing problems with recession. I was so uncomfortable with my smile that I just didn’t. I didn’t smile. Inside I was a happy person but you really couldn’t tell.

    So after exhaustive research on orthodontists, dentists, and cosmetic surgeons I found my way to World Class Dentistry. The reviews were promising and I was hopeful that first visit. Maybe, just maybe I could get that smile back.

    The staff was attentive and accommodating. They listened, really listened to what I wanted from a treatment program. The options were laid out and together an action plan was put in place. It was a wonderful experience.

    I won’t lie. It was not easy. It was a long process. But the staff was very patient with me as we moved through the different phases oftreatment. At one point an expander/retainer was used that Ijust could not handle. They easily adapted to my struggle withthe appliance and found alternatives that worked great.

    There were structural issues, crowding issues, cavities, fillings,staining, recession. What a mess! But step by step the team atWorld Class Dentistry worked it out. And I could not be happierwith the results!

    I smile now. And that’s saying a lot considering I wouldn’t daresmile to show my teeth for two decades. And the confidence thishas given me has encouraged me enough to pursue a career inReal Estate that I was always interested in but would not havedared attempt before getting this dental work done.

    I feel better. I look better. I smile so often now I sometimesscare my children. I’m happy. And now, it finally shows!”

    ~Anna Welch

  • veronika before and after

    I never liked the look of my teeth. Knowing that, my daughter-in-law noticed an ad of Jill Morris in a magazine. We made an appointment and the rest is history. I got my new teeth within a short period of time. Now friends and even people I don't know pay me compliments for my bright smile. I not only changed my looks, I now have a new level of condence.

    ~Veronika Otto

  • Kay before and after

    What appeals best to an aged widow with no children are her smiling relatives and friends. And that's what I wanted to present: a nice smile to those I met. Thus, I chose World Class Dentistry staff to help make the transformation. Yes, they definitely are"CCKECC". That's congenial, courteous,knowledgeable, efficient, careful and complete.That's what makes them "World Class"!

    ~Kay Bushyager

  • Ziva Beckman

    Caring for my ailing husband left me little time to care for my dental needs. But when my physician explained the latest medical research linking overall health and oral health, I knew I needed to see Dr. Morris and Dr. Bakke. The doctors painlessly gave me this new healthy life and the bonus of a beautiful smile. Raising awareness about good oral health and how it vitally affects the body as a whole is now my passion. 

    ~Ziva Beckman

  • Tom Tilert

    As a kid growing up my family was really pretty poor and the lowest items on the priority list for a large family was dental care. As a result, I only went to the dentist when there was a dental emergency, for example abscesses or tooth pain. Dentist office visits were therefore never particularly pleasant for me and I hated going. I only started receiving regular dental care when I joined the Army. But by that time it was pretty late for my teeth. As I got older my teeth got more and more stained and I knew I needed help.

    A friend of mine had poor teeth and had her teeth redone and it totally changed her appearance and gave her a lot of confidence. Inspired by my dear friend, I googled cosmetic dentistry in Sarasota and found Dr. Morris/Bakke on the internet. I saw how professional they were and the spectacular results of their work. I also noted that they prided themselves on being world class and were teachers in addition to being extremely good practitioners. My first experience at the office was very positive. It was professionally done in a conference room and I felt like they were treating me like a colleague instead of a patient. We covered their holistic approach to dental reconstruction, the benefits of having a healthy mouth, a properly aligned bite and removal of old dentistry, as well as the proposed cost. My biggest concern going into the procedure was the appearance. I didn’t want a mouth full of chiclets. I had seen other work on friends and colleagues and I wanted my teeth to look good, but also natural. Dr. Morris assured me that the porcelain veneers I would be receiving would look like real teeth, including small striations and even slight imperfections and wouldn’t be absolutely uniform.

    During the selection process, Dr. Morris showed me examples of the style of teeth I’d want to have wide variety of colors ranging from bright white to brown. I chose my new smile based on the pictures of prior patients and what I would feel comfortable with as far as the whiteness of the teeth. Dr. Morris explained the pros and cons of the different smiles and colors.

    As a result, I am extremely happy with my new teeth and smile. I actually had to relearn how to smile. For the past few years I have hidden my teeth while smiling and laughing and I now have the confidence to show my teeth again. Most of my friends, family and colleagues don’t realize where the significant change in my appearance has come from until I tell them. They think I’ve lost weight.

    My advice to people considering this procedure? Do it! And fly to Sarsota to have it done by Dr. Morris. The only suggestion I would have for Dr. Morris and Dr. Bakke is to make sure their staff is happy and they retain them.

    ~Tom Tilert

  • Ted Boyer

    I want to say ‘thank you’ to Dr. Jill Morris and Dr. Burr Bakke for their genuine compassion and sincere empathy in addressing my immediate and long term dental goals to eventually restoring my smile. Looking back, the whole experience from beginning to end was easier than I had every anticipated due to their superb skills, welcoming staff and relaxed atmosphere. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Morris and Dr. Bakke to all my friends and family.

    ~Ted Boyer

  • Tabitha Hall

    Ecstatic doesn’t come close to expressing my pleasure when I first looked at my new smile. Finding Dr. Morris and her supporting staff was a wonderful beginning.

    ~Tabitha Hall

  • Sue Lamy

    I am so grateful that I found and selected Dr. Jill Morris to correct a jaw/bite malocclusion that was damaging my teeth and causing constant discomfort. I had consulted many other dentists in Florida and New Jersey whose solutions called for invasive surgeries, orthodontics or dentures. I chose Dr. Morris based on her excellent reputation in Sarasota, her nationally renowned credentials and state-of-the-art solution she posed to address my problems. Under her care, my condition was quickly and painlessly stabilized, creating a perfect new alignment for the gorgeous new smile I got as a bonus!

    ~Sue Lamy

  • Stephanie Lang

    There is nothing more important than a beautiful smile to improve your self- confidence. It feels so good to know my smile can make others smile too!

    Dr. Morris is a true artist, and I felt confident with her from the start. Even with that she and her staff have exceeded my expectations. I love my new smile and how it makes me feel.

    ~Stephanie Lang

  • Sherry Ellis

    From improving subtle details to an extreme smile makeover in Sarasota, Dr. Jill Morris and Dr. Burr Bakke have improved the lives, confidence and happiness of many patients. What can they do for you?

  • Shannon Staub

    I am so very pleased with DR. Morris’ restoration of my smile and the vast improvement of the health of my teeth and gums. She and her staff really impressed me with their competence and caring attitude. I could not be happier with the results of Dr. Morris’ work.

    ~Shannon Staub

  • Sandra C

    I used to squint a lot and have pressure headaches from my bad bite. I would wake feeling groggy every morning. Besides a beautiful smile, the most important thing to me is no headaches or squinting and I now wake up feeling rested. My smile now reflects the way I truly feel.

    ~Sandra C.

  • Rosemary Stevenson

    I really appreciate the skill and expertise of Dr. Morris and Dr. Bakke. But more than that, I appreciate the kindness, understanding and patience that everyone at World Class Dentistry® has shown to me since the first day I visited their office. I love my new smile! They truly are world class.

    ~Rosemary Stevenson

  • Bonnie DombroskyRob Dombrosky

    We couldn’t be more pleased with the treatment, care and results of our experiences with Drs. Jill Morris, Burr Bakke, and the entire staff at World Class Dentistry®. From the initial evaluations to the end results of healthy attractive smiles, the professionalism of the entire organization is truly world class. We recommend them to everyone. These are really qualified, caring and genuinely nice people.

    ~Rob and Bonnie Dombrosky

  • Rhonda Griffiths

    To sum up Dr. Morris, I just have to say “Perfection”. She gave me the smile I always dreamed about. Dr. Morris is the epitome of Dental Excellence! Her gentle, kind and professional nature gave me a dental experience that is World Class.

    ~Rhonda Griffiths

  • Pat Rowe

    Life is full of smiles and a smile is a great communicator- even if you don’t speak the language. I have traveled extensively all over the world and have always found this to be true. After an accident resulting in fractured teeth, my first restoration resulted in a smile which embarrassed me. Happily, I was made aware of Dr. Jill Morris who minimized the trauma of having to completely redo my dental work. In addition to her professionalism, extensive education and teaching background, she made me feel like a friend rather than a patient- by her smile. I observed that her relationships with her staff are the same. In response, they are all loyal,efficient,and personable and that does spill over onto the patient.

    ~Pat Rowe

  • Nelly Aguerrevere

    What an experience! Not knowing what to expect beginning the process to replace my wife’s smile. As scary as it was for us, the step by step experience was so professionally set up, and all the staff involved was so caring and talented with the most advanced equipment, that we felt the utmost comfort the whole time.

    No words of mine can give enough credit to Dr. Bakke and the entire Sarasota Dentist team, we were blessed and the results of how she looks are awesome. I’m positive that anybody seeking care here will be just as impressed as we are.

    Thank you Sarasota Dentist for all you do and thank you Dr. Bakke for giving my wife a new smile, but also great confidence behind that smile!

    One very happy customer and husband

    ~Russell A.

  • Nancy Daniels

    I am very happy and pleased with my new smile and even happier with my new jaw alignment. Since my procedures, my jaw does not click and my bite is better. Working with you and your staff was a pleasure. Everything was done to accommodate me in the best possible way—from comfort pillows to the EFT experiences that helped me with my gag reflex. I had always dreaded dentists because of my gagging. I cannot believe how you solved my problem with your techniques. Also, when I had an emergency situation, your quick response on a Sunday left me with a sense of mental comfort that I would receive services no matter when or for what.

    I truly feel your entire staff is customer focused. From answering the phone, accommodating schedules to expertise in performing their technical procedures. I can honestly say I had no pain and only very slight discomfort. But best of all was your very gentle professional manner. I had explored and researched several other services before I chose you. You truly had the most complete medical explanations and latest in technology. Your patience in answering my endless questions was appreciated. Lastly my results exceeded my expectations. I feel much better about, not only my smile, but also the functional quality of my jaw and mouth.

    I will highly recommend you with any reservations for your services. World Class Dentistry®, with its remarkable dentists and staff it truly a “first class operation” with first class results. Thank you so much.

    With Appreciation,

    ~Nancy Daniels

  • Meilin Khlief

    Dr. Jill Morris and staff make going to see the dentist a pleasure. I actually look forward to my appointments. Dr. Morris is an amazing dentist as well as an amazing person. Her attitude is a positive reflection of her love for what she does and she does it well.

    I love my smile and I especially love it when strangers come up to me and say, “ Excuse me, I just had to tell you that you have an incredible smile.”

    Thanks Dr. Morris!

    ~Meilin Khlief

  • Mary Ivey

    Neuromuscular dentistry was a new term to me, but turned out to be very helpful in correcting my TMJ and all the symptoms that went with it such as headaches and neck pain. Not only is Dr. Jill Morris an exceptional dentist who could correct years of an incorrect jaw position and too many fillings, but at the same time she can create beautiful smiles. The results are wonderful and I only wish I had decided to do this sooner. Dr. Morris and her staff are all true professionals who make going to a dentist an enjoyable experience.

    ~Mary Ivey

  • Martha Stanley Cruden

    We had been having patchwork dental work for years and were in Florida when a tooth broke. We came in for a consultation with Dr. Bakke and had a wonderful experience. Our family was a bit doubtful of us coming so far for our dental treatment, but now they are very impressed with our new smiles. When we first saw our new smiles we were dazzled. Now we look for reasons to smile. We had put off our dental work for a good many years and our advice is not to put it off. It is well worth doing as soon as possible and well worth it. A real confidence builder.

    ~Martha & Stanley Cruden

  • Lynn McDonald

    As an author and national motivational speaker, my clients expect me to rev up their troops by making them laugh and smile. I always deliver what I promise until one day when I was upstaged by a smile!

    There I was on stage, ready to unveil a humorous presentation about my new book, Ladies…If Your Horse is Dead, Dismount!, to over 250 women at a charity luncheon. In The excitement about my new book, I totally forgot that I was unveiling much more than My book, I was about to debut my world class smile. I thought it was the best presentation I gave in twenty years; all the women laughed, smiled and were certainly revved up.

    However, I was taken aback when a woman approached me abruptly, as I was exiting the Stage and blurted out “there is one problem with your presentation, your smile.” She paused, as she noticed my stunned puzzled look, then continued. “ Yes your smile, it’s contagious, who is your dentist?” I was proud to have been up staged by the beautiful world class smile you gave me. Thank you so much.

    ~Lynn McDonald

  • Lonnie Buchner

    My experience with Dr. Bakke and staff at World Class Dentistry® can be summed up in two words “beyond expectations”. As a patient I was apprehensive about the process of dental implants. Dr. Bakke and the competent staff of professionals gave me complete information as to the steps involved and were always available for my questions. It was much easier than I had imagined and the results are wonderful. As a real estate broker and auctioneer, my smile and speaking abilities are extremely important. I would recommend Dr. Bakke and World Class Dentistry® to anyone.

    ~Lonnie Buchner

  • Lindsay Matern

    Ever since my permanent teeth came in without enamel and had dark splotchy spots on them, I became self conscious about my teeth. My mom had researched for years about veneers and finally found Dr. Jill Morris, whose website and personalized professionalism gave us confidence in choosing the correct dentist. I couldn’t be happier with my smile and continue to receive compliments on how beautiful they look.

    ~Lindsay Matern

  • Linda Larsen

    Dr. Morris combines artistry and sensitivity in a way that makes her one of the most talented, caring and responsive professionals I have ever known. Her work is absolutely exquisite! And the entire staff treated me like royalty from my first appointment, making me feel comfortable, relaxed and like the single most valued patient they have.

    ~Linda Larsen

  • Kim Townsend

    As a teacher, a fitness instructor and a pageant contestant, my life revolves around being in front of a large group of people. I have always been extremely confident but the one thing that was holding me back was my smile. I endured braces and retainers while in high school, but unfortunately, my braces were removed too quickly, leaving me with a small gap between my front teeth.

    When I first met Dr. Jill Morris in Palm Springs in July of 2003, I had no idea that this was going to be the beginning of a life altering journey. Lucky for me, this gifted and talented woman chose to share her gifts with me. After speaking with her I knew she was going to be able to fix my gap and make my teeth fill my smile line. It was only two visits to her Florida office and I had the smile I had always dreamed of having.

    Dr. Morris’ work has enabled me to put my best foot forward whether it be in front of the classroom, fitness clients or on the pageant stage. My self confidence has skyrocketed. I honestly do not think I have stopped smiling since November 2003.

    Thank you Dr. Morris and Dr. Bakke for making my dreams come true. May God Bless you all!

    ~Kim Townsend

  • Kelly Powers

    When I became serious about restoring my teeth, I researched the field. I chose Dr. Jill Morris because I trusted her abilities to make my teeth look good and function well. Now I have the confidence to smile the smile I have always wanted and the return on investment has exceeded even my expectations.

    ~Kelly Powers

  • Karen Storms

    A few months ago I saw an Ad for World Class Dentistry® with a picture of a smile I wish I had. I took that picture and put it in my bathroom mirror so I could see it everyday to buildup my courage to call the Dentist and make an appointment.

    The problem was I suffered from extreme dental anxiety and hadn’t seen a dentist in many years. I hated my smile. My teeth were discolored with old, off-color fillings on top of old mercury, with an uneven bite. I was self-conscious of smiling.

    Instead of making a phone call – I emailed the office. Talk about Dental Phobia! My return phone number was automatically included in the format, which I forgot. But a wonderful surprise happened – I got a friendly, understanding phone call form the office, assuring me they would take care of me. I was invited to come in for a consultation and meet the staff.

    I fell in love with the entire team and looked forward to every visit! My Smile Make-over is the BEST gift I have given myself. I now smile like I feel in side! I feel years younger and have a new zest for life. Random people compliment me on my beautiful smile and that just lights me up and makes my day.

    I can’t thank Dr. Jill and her wonderful staff enough for this incredible smile. They are forever in my heart with love and gratitude.

    xoxo Karen Storms

    PS: When was the last time you said that about your dentist?!!

  • Jennifer Cirone

    Thank you, Dr. Jill, for my new smile makeover and the time you devoted to the “Women in Need” Foundation. I just love these photos from my latest modeling assignment. My teeth look great!”

    ~Professional Model, Mrs. Northwest Globe 2009, Mrs. U.S.A. 2009, 3rd runner up Mrs. Universe 2009

  • Gail Hahn

    I saw Dr. Jill Morris and Dr. Burr Bakke’s advertisement in a magazine when we were in Florida. I made an appointment to see what they could do for me. As you can see “they did wonders”! The trips I made were well worth it to receive the “state of the art” techniques the two of them offer.

    I had a dentist tell me an implant could not be done on a tooth and Dr. Bakke said “No problem”! I have always loved to smile but had gotten very self conscience because of my teeth. Dr. Morris gave me “my smile” back and my teeth look so natural. They are two very caring Doctors and experts in their fields. I am so glad I chose them to do my teeth!

    ~Gail Hahn Springfield, Illinois

  • Jamie before and after

    For as long as I can remember I have been terrified to go to the dentist. My adult teeth grew in without enamel and were extremely sensitive. Dr. Morris assured me that she and her staff would take that into consideration and they did. Dr. Morris has such a positive, cheerful personality, it radiates through the office and actually makes going to the dentist a pleasure now. I am so pleased with my new smile and so thankful to Dr. Morris and her lovely staff!

    ~Jaime Barcelo

  • Eileen Williams

    All my life I’ve hated my teeth, having an overbite and over-sized caps from previous dental work.

    A friend recommended Dr. Burr Bakke and Dr. Jill Morris. I attended one of their seminars and signed up for the earliest appointment possible.

    Through their expertise, care, and kindness, I completed the process, having all my fears quelled.

    Choosing Dr. Jill Morris, Dr. Burr Bakke, and their excellent staff has been one of my best decisions.

    Thank you all for giving me a beautiful smile.

    ~Eileen Williams

  • Dr. Hermann Shulze

    I drove 200 miles to have Dr. Morris restore my smile. As a cosmetic dentist myself, I needed to have a dazzling smile and Dr. Morris is a true artist.

    ~Dr. Hermann Shulze

  • Carol LeMonte

    Thank you to Dr. Jill Morris and her associates for my “fresh” new smile. I had thought about having some work done for years, but my hectic schedule always seemed to take priority. It now seems like is took so little time from the first nervous phone call to the sparkling result, that a description of the process would not be important. But I did do research about various procedures and medical professionals in the area. Finding Dr. Morris and her team made my decision a well informed and totally reassuring choice. There was minimum discomfort and minimum down time due to maximum clinical skills and maximum office management skills enhanced by really kind and supportive professionals. Delightful is not usually used in the same sentence with dentist, but in this case I felt I was among friends and that shows in my smile!

    ~Carol LeMonte

  • Bryan

    From improving subtle details to an extreme smile makeover in Sarasota, Dr. Jill Morris and Dr. Burr Bakke have improved the lives, confidence and happiness of many patients. What can they do for you?

  • Bridget Spiess

    A first impression in my profession is everything. I now have a beautiful smile to be proud of. Their World Class Dentistry® enables me to put my best “face” forward as a real estate specialist with Remax Properties. Thank you Dr. Bakke and Dr. Morris for making my lasting first impression!

    ~Bridget Spiess

  • Aimee Buckman

    As an attorney, I deal in facts, and the fact is that I believe that Jill Morris is the best dentist in The Tampa Bay Area, if not the country. After years of living with mouth pain and embarrassment about my teeth, Dr. Morris met with me and constructed an individual treatment plan that has not only given me my smile back, but has given me a reason to smile. Of all the investments I have ever made, my time with Dr. Morris has paid the greatest dividends!

    Thank you, Jill for doing what I needed even though it wasn’t easy!
    Excellence and attention to detail are not just a part of your dentistry but a part of who you are.

    Amiee Buckman

  • Ann MooreBob Moore

    Our only regret is that we do not do this many years ago. It has put new excitement into our lives.

    ~Bob and Ann Moore

  • Bill Levine

    I came to Drs. Morris and Bakke because of their reputation. I stayed because of the friendly-family environment. I chose to be treated because of my confidence in this team. I am incredibly satisfied because of the outstanding smile I received.

    ~Bill Levine

  • Areena Atkverelli

    As a professional model living in Europe, I flew to Sarasota to have Drs. Morris and Bakke create my stunning smile. I now smile with enthusiasm, allowing my personality to shine through in my photographs. Thank you for the World Class experience.

    ~Areena Atkverelli

  • Al Ackerman

    I was extremely fortunate to find Dr. Morris when I required dental restoration, and proper alignment of my bite. Her professional skills, knowledge of cutting edge technology and caring attitude made it a comfortable experience. I could not be more pleased with the results of her work, and will forever be grateful to Dr. Morris for the improvement in my dental health and smile.

    ~Al Ackerman, Colonel, US Army(Ret)

  • Aimee Grace

    My Mom was referred to Dr. Jill Morris through a personal acquaintance. I had always been self conscious about the shape and color of my teeth and I dreamed of a smile that would look completely natural. My Mom arranged a consultation with Dr. Morris to meet me and to gather all the information we needed on what to expect and mostly to help me understand the process. I knew at that point that this was a serious decision that would follow me the rest of my life. I look back now with complete confidence that this was the best decision I ever made and so worth it. It was wonderful relaxing in a massage chair while wrapped in a comfy blanket and watching a movie during the procedure. A short time later I looked in the mirror and saw the most perfect smile ever… I just wanted to cry with happiness! If you ask anyone, I’m always smiling and love it!


  • Anne Lockie
  • Lucinda Smith
  • Gale Wilson
  • Dyan Baker
  • Hunter Wilson
  • Melinda Huss
  • Naomi Muselman
  • Jim Meisenheimer
  • Anna Welch
  • Veronika Otto
  • Kay Bushyager
  • Ziva Beckman
  • Tom Tilert
  • Ted Boyer
  • Tabitha Hall
  • Sue Lamy
  • Stephanie Lang
  • Sherry Ellis
  • Shannon Staub
  • Sandra C.
  • Rosemary Stevenson
  • Rob and Bonnie Dombrosky
  • Rhonda Griffiths
  • Pat Rowe
  • Nelly Aguerrevere
  • Nancy Daniels
  • Meilin Khlief
  • Mary Ivey
  • Martha & Stanley Cruden
  • Lynn McDonald
  • Lonnie Buchner
  • Lindsay Matern
  • Linda Larsen
  • Kim Townsend
  • Kelly Powers
  • Karen Storms
  • Jennifer Cirone
  • Gail Hahn
  • Jaime Barcelo
  • Eileen Williams
  • Dr. Hermann Shulze
  • Carol LeMonte
  • Bryan
  • Bridget Spiess
  • Aimee Buckman
  • Bob and Ann Moore
  • Bill Levine
  • Areena Atkverelli
  • Al Ackerman
  • Aimee Grace

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